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Aionite Capital is an alternative investment brand offering an innovative approach to systematic multi-strategy and global macro investing by applying «Evolutionary Investing».
«Evolutionary Investing» combines the latest findings from economic research with the full potential of artificial intelligence. It means constantly learning from and dynamically adapting to ever-changing markets and environments.

Evolutionary Investing

«Evolutionary Investing» finds inspiration in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, and pits trading strategies against each other, instead of animals, in an evolutionary competition.
Aionite Capital applies «Evolutionary Investing» to a broad range of markets from all asset classes. From equities, bonds, currencies to commodity and volatility markets. It recognizes that there is no single investment strategy that rules them all. Moreover, the success of investment strategies heavily depends on the market environment. Nature is no different: in the savannah you should be a lion, in the air an eagle, and in the water an orca.
Our artificial intelligence learns the complex interaction and dependency structure of strategies in the context of the market environment and allows for the estimation of a strategy’s probability of survival. In this way, our approach constantly adapts and turns to those strategies that offer an evolutionary advantage.

Experience a better Investment Journey

Investing is difficult, emotionally tough, and full of surprises. It is also an adventure that needs foresight and planning. As a pioneer of «Evolutionary Investing», we are offering our investors an investment strategy that is not only maximally diversified and aims for high returns, but also an investment solution that dynamically adapts to different market phases. All this wrapped in one single investment fund. Break with the status quo and join us on the journey.
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A Down-to-Earth Partner with the same Goals

At home in Switzerland and rooted locally in Zurich, we at Aionite Capital maintain an honest & down-to-earth discourse with our investors. We stand 100% behind our approach and are fully invested ourselves. We are in the same boat as our investors, having the same goals, and want to be successful together.
Despite years of experience as fund managers, we have our roots in the academic world as researchers and lecturers. We also enjoy close contact with the scientific community in the field of evolutionary strategies.
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